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In reference to the youtube videos of the youtube channel of the french extreme-right party Front National, presented by François Philippot, and the strange impression made on the viewers despite the great visual quality. It defines the awkward behavior of people "trying to play it cool" by re-using known codes of the internet but without personality nor actual deep comprehension of these codes, resulting in a uneasy feeling of disconfort for the viewer and the impression that the person trying to communicate is intrusive, manipulative, and soulless.
It is frequently associated to cringe, though it's specific for a precise situation, in which the feeling comes from an intrusion in a particular code-filled space.
"My father on facebook seems to show a Philippot syndrome: he did a fake prank video in his office".
"Bill Nye the cringe guy makes a new awkward show. Phillipot Syndrome. I see no other explanations".
by Sayldrigg May 23, 2017
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