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-Phash, is a word that can be used to describe an incredibly amazing slash, this being the gay/lesbian fan-fic people write that can involve band members, characters from books. etc.

-Can be split into 'Phat Slash'.
"OMG THAT IS SOME PHAT SLASH!!!!!" (meaning that it's a really amazing slash fan fic)

"Oh wow you write some serious phash!"
by Naom-I October 10, 2008
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noun, indicating the swimming,cold blooded, finned aquatic life more commonly known as "fish". A combination of the stylistic mis-spelling used by the band Phish, and the abbreviated form of hashish. Usually denotes edible species, as prepared by the Fry Daddy. Term coined by Brandy
Man they had some really good phash tacos at that mexican joint across town...
by g-yoonitt February 06, 2006
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