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A girl who seriously seems like she popped right out of an anime show. Huge eyes, very mobile face, kind of scary in a candymonster way. Elegant and graceful yet louder than an elephant when walking. Loves to talk. And talk. And talk. Fast learner, disturbingly intelligent for her age. DO NOT CROSS A PHARON. She will decimate you. Accidentally.
Girl 1: Woah. Who drew that portrait?
Girl 2: Some girl in my class. She's like, a total Pharon.
by Daymare1800 April 02, 2015
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A sweet love guy who will do anything for the ones he loves. He may be an asshole at times but trust me he's a teddy bear and has a heart the size of the moon. He can be mean when you first meet him but if he like you, ypu got a friend for life but beware never cross him he can fuck ypur shit up in one try. Hes also great in bed and a hard worker full of energy and funny.
Guy: have you met pharon?
Girl:yes hes really sweet
Guy2: i have to disagree
by Purdyliar January 18, 2018
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