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A bullshit scare tactic that news stations are broadcasting because suburban soccer moms will watch it. AND BELIEVE IT.

Not only have I NEVER heard of one of these taking place, but neither has Jack Shafer of SLATE Magazine. Here is an excerpt of a piece he wrote in response to an article from Chambersburg, Pa.'s March 8, 2002 issue of Public Opinion.

"Again, the story quotes no teenage pharm partiers, interviews no witnesses to pharm parties, and cites no cop reports, etc."

I know most of the drug users of my school, and all of them know better than to grab a handfull of pills and gobble them up.
*A mom see's this on the news*
MOM: "Oh no! A Pharm Party? Little Timmy!"
*Mom rushes to medicine cabinet*
MOM: "I'm throwing out every pill in here! There's no way I'm letting my little Timmy take tylenol or baby aspirin! He might try to get high!
by Blackerninja July 11, 2009
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An American media invention that that claims teens are hosting pil-popping parties.
Teacher: "Have you ever heard of a 'pharm party'."
Student: "Yeah on last night's news."
by cj117 December 12, 2007
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A party in which you gather as many pharmaceutical drugs as possible, pool them together with the other pharmaceutical drugs that are brought by other people, then consume as many as possible in an attempt to produce a desired "high". Consuming some sort of alcohol along with the pharmaceutical drugs may also take place.
"Hey man, those rich kids are having another pharm party, wanna go?"
-"Yeah dude, im bringin the xanax and i'll pick up some vodka before i come."
by zachbreaux August 17, 2007
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