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A larger poo teasing your pants by poking in and out of your anus almost touching cotton but dashing back in the second its presence is felt leaving nothing but its rancid odor left from is warm depths, where it can cling to all fabrics and smell for about 2 severe minutes.
Usually the preamble to a very large poo mostly within an hour.
If missed can lead to constipation.
Danny: man those tacos, cheetos, munchos with a coke...and a lot of water was good.
Jeff: yeah man
Danny: yeah wow i think i pooped my pants
Jeff: o man whats that nasty smell
Danny: i dont know man gimme a napikin
Jeff: ok
Dannt: naa dude it was just the Phantom Dooker
Jeff: o dang we need to get you to a hospital soon; th Pootrain will pull into Pants Station
by DMAC4 April 19, 2009
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