The most recent addition to a Sega game series known as Phantasy Star. Many uninformed Sega fans claim that this game "revolutionized" online gaming but they would be wrong as it was neither the first online game nor the first online RPG. Its impossible to ignore the fact that online gaming was popular on the PC years before the Dreamcast was ever invented.
Its impossible to have revolutionized anything by doing the same thing someone else already did years before you. Its even more impossible when they did it even better.
by Sega Slayer September 26, 2003
The first online RPG to ever grace home video game consoles. Developed by SEGA's Sonic Team in 1999 for the Sega Dreamcast and later Nintendo's Gamecube and Microsoft's XBOX, the game revolutionized online console play by introducing a chat program across multiple continents and languages as well as having the most addictive gameplay ever seen on a system other than PC's. A sequel entitled Phantasy Star Universe is under developement to be released in 2005.
Phantasy Star Online is an addicting game!
by Jim T. January 5, 2005