Referring to the famous YouTuber PewDiePie's nine year old army. These nine year olds worship memes and christian minecraft servers, and get trigger me elmo happy when T-series over throws PewDiePie.
Did you hear about the Pewd Nation riot on Elm Street?
by Crimson Riot April 24, 2019
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Code name given to one of the most dangerous commanders of the alt-right movement. His uses his extremely popular youtube channel to indoctrinate his followers, known as an army of 9 year olds. CNN news anchors Gloria Borger and Poppy Harlow have been rumoured to be affiliated with him.
-Have you seen Pewds latest video?
-Of course! It was so based and redpilled! He is literally /ourguy/!
by goodest goyo of them all June 24, 2018
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