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A pewbie is a fan of Pewdiepie that thinks every other let's-play videos of games he had played are copied and unoriginal. Pewbies go around youtube ranting about how videos copied Pewdiepie and flags the video for copyright infringing even though Pewdiepie doesn't own any game. Pewbies are what make most of the Pewdiepie fan-base.
*These are actual comments from a video*

Pewbie1: Copy cat pewdiepie is๏ปฟ better than u

Pewbie2: pewdiepie is better than him! i love pewdie, i would......cut myself for pewdiepie, i have pictures๏ปฟ of him everwhere.... he's my boyfriend <3 he is deffinitaly better, HE DID SLENDER FIRST TAKE IT DOWN TAKE YOUR VIDEO DOWN TOBY YOU GAY FAG PEWDIE WILL BE BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU ALL OF YOU i love pewdie he's betteer he is the hottest and most awesomest person one day we will rule together..... <3
by WhiteCow August 26, 2012
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