Bro 1 - I wanna keep saying Pewdiepie, but my mouth hurts.

Bro 2 - Don't Worry, you can always say "Pewdie"

Bro 1 - Wow! Thanks bro! *brofist
Bro 2 - *brofist
by Swaguru April 11, 2015
Felix Kjellberg's original gaming channel, which he claimed to have forgotten the password to. As a result, created the PewDiePie channel.
"Did you see PewDiePie's latest video? "
by SadddBoi June 2, 2019
This is a term used by PewDiePie or Felix when he/she got terminated on Roblox. Felix mentioned it once in a video than deleted it. As usual, Felix's fans rage over Felix's Roblox account termination so they spread 'Sub 2 PewDiePie' all over Roblox & got banned for it. The unthinkable happened one day, Roblox unbanned Felix's Roblox account. Everyone was so happy in the end. They even didn't commit sub to 'Arcimela' who write this definition.
Person 1: Pewds got banned!!!!
Person 2: Dammit PewDie-Ban!!!
Roblox: Oh Yeah Yeah
by Smoshiga February 17, 2019
Some Swedish fuck that does YouTube and tries to beat some Indian music station and pewdie pie is the type of guy slap some 5 year olds ass and then call her thicc
Pewdie pie is a fucking asshole
by Booty clapper69 April 28, 2019
Someone who is obviously going to loose but still tries to gather his shit and barks horrendously, all in desperation.
Tseries got pewds to rattle the pewdie way
by Maakachoda February 8, 2019