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(noun) derived from the greek 'Perveos' meaning 'pokeable'. Other derivatives from 'Perveos' include 'impervious' which has the alternate meaning of 'unpokeable'.

To describe someone as being 'peveus' you are similarly describing them as being 'pink-shirted' in nature, able to be poked and/or prodded, possibly perverse, a TinTin fan, downloader and watcher of anime and with a hatred for large dark birds such as ravens or 'crows'.
Tim: "Why are you acting like a retard"
John: "I'm not acting like a retard."
Tim: "Yes you are, but I'm not at liberty to discuss it. >_<"
John: "Man, you acting so peveus right now! hahahaha!"
by robert posters October 04, 2005
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The creator of all things. Absolute evil taking on human form.
The Furious Angel known as Peveus will destroy you all.
by Mikhail Altana August 01, 2003
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The creator of all reality, including the worlds' greatest online comic, Terminal Crossing. Takes the form of a human, but is actually a Furious Angel.
The Furious Angel Peveus just posted another TC episode!
by 200x August 06, 2003
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