Noun. 1.An extremely irritating person who over analyzes everything due to being anal retentive 2.A complete nit-picking unlikable person that "grates" on other's nerves who critiques others while committing infractions himself.
Dale said to Jeff, "Stop nit-picking everyone in this car you miserable petty-fuck!" Or else you can walk home.
by RunninRonan October 16, 2017
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Fucking one person to get revenge on another person
David broke my heart so I petty fucked his best friend.
by Flxextrdnr February 22, 2017
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When someone decides to go on a break with their significant other and after two months finds out they slept with another person, they then drive 6 hours to ruin a LDOC party their significant other will be at.
Girl: "Oh my god D-ron stop being so fucking petty and leave him alone!"
by derffgffrrtg April 29, 2019
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