3 definitions by RunninRonan

Verb 1. Committing or engaging in a covert action that is generally harmless or playful. 2. Playful mischief.3. Innocent deception.
Chris and Tammy were supposed to meet us for dinner but did the drive-thru sneaky-loo beforehand, laughing over their mischief .
by RunninRonan October 17, 2017
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Noun. 1.An extremely irritating person who over analyzes everything due to being anal retentive 2.A complete nit-picking unlikable person that "grates" on other's nerves who critiques others while committing infractions himself.
Dale said to Jeff, "Stop nit-picking everyone in this car you miserable petty-fuck!" Or else you can walk home.
by RunninRonan October 16, 2017
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Proper name: noun. 1. Origin from Manchester UK. Meaning to move or travel. 2. These descendants came out of the house of Tudor. 3. Originally were very well off and commercial tradesmen loaning money to Queen Elizabeth during the 1500's
Most every Shuttlesworth I've ever met have moved or traveled abroad at least once in their recent family lineage.
by RunninRonan October 17, 2017
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