The top dog of engineers. The big dick bandit. Is a master of science and math, specializes in drilling, reservoir and completion of oil wells. Girls get wet at the site of a Petro Engineer. A good Petro Engg doesn't need a lab to determine the composition of a crude oil, he merely smells the sample and gives raw data without breaking a mental sweat. The Petro Engg is often the highest paid engineering major and as a result has many nice material objects. Having a degree doesn't give you instant access to becoming a Petroleum Engineer, some other requirements need to be met first such as having a diesel pickup and chewing tabacoo
Did you see that guy slaying dragons by that oil well? Yeh, I think he is a Petroleum Engineer you can tell by the diesler he is driving and the massive dip in his mouth.
by PETROENGG July 28, 2011
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A highly overpaid major typically chosen by douchebags who have already decided how they will spend their massive paycheck. Most of which drop out once they realize the complexity of the major. Those who complete four years of a mix between mechanical engineering, physics and geology rightfully earn the $110k starting salary.
Hey look at chad over there!

What? You mean his pink lacoste polo and snapback?

Did you hear he's majoring in petroleum engineering?

Look at him trying to pick up that chick with his acceptance letter to Colorado School of Mines.

Hah I give him 9 weeks before he drops
by MacandoMcFly October 23, 2013
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A position given to those who transfer gas to your vehicle. Amateurs are known as Gas Attendants, however as their skillset increases, they become Petroleum Transference Engineers.
I went to the local Citgo and the Petroleum Transference Engineer pumped my car so hard.
by jpg20369 December 26, 2018
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