Top definition is a website that you can use to trick your friends into believing that the website can guess the answers to the questions you ask it. To use peter answers, in the petition box press the "." (period) key then type the answer of the question you are going to ask. To everyone around you it will look as if you are typing "Peter, please answer" if your answer is shorter than "Peter, please answer" then you press "." again and finish the petition (Same thing if your answer is long with Peter, please answer the following question). Then, add a colon to the end of the word "answer" (or "question" depending on how long your answer is) and type in your question! Your friends will be amazed. When they try to type in a question, Peter will say something like, "You do not believe in Peter" and won't give them an answer.
Peter answers won't work for me because I don't believe in the website.
by Jeff_W January 14, 2008
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