Thomeone who happenth to talk with a lithp, see lisp and lithp
Jutht becauthe i have a lithp, it doethn't mean i'm not a real perthon
by Vegas_Cabbie July 12, 2008
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the word stems from the word Personality and the city Perth.

A celebrity or self proclaimed celebrity, that resides or has achieved fame in the city of Perth, Western Australia.
Perthonality can be used to refer to actors, musicians or other notable people who were born or who grew up in Perth.
"Eskimo Joe are Perthonalites"

"That guys thinks he's a Perthonality"

"That party was a who's who of Perthonalities"

influential people, politicians, local newsreaders and local musicians can be referred to as Perthonalities.

Notable Examples:

Heath Ledger
Eskimo Joe
Luke Steele (The Sleepy Jackson)
Rose Hancock Porteous
Ben Cousins
Isla Fisher
Melissa George
by Perth Onal Iddy. March 23, 2009
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The attitude exhibited by Perth natives when they are out in public. Usually self-superior and with the belief they are better than anybody who isn't from Perth and doesn't know their group of friends.

Similar to how a big fish may act in a small pond.
Guy 1:How'd you go with that girl?
Guy 2:Terrible, she had a Perthonality.

Actions by a girl from Perth (spoken with disdain)
Girl: Oh, so you're from the East Coast?... That's nice I guess...
(She then turns her back to you and starts another conversation with other Perthonalities)
by Tommy the Troublemaker June 29, 2013
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