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A term used by residents of Perth, Western Australia to describe the phenomenon, often experienced by Perthians abroad, of Perthians not only managing (however improbably) to come across fellow Perthians overseas, but also of them always finding that these co-urbanites are either a) their relatives, b) their acquaintances, or (at the very least) c) people with whom they share multiple mutual friends on Facebook. This oft-described experience abroad (of "being/getting Perth'd") is the result of Perth being an oversized village, of everyone there having a desire and tendency to piss off abroad whenever they get the chance, and of the two degrees of separation that somehow exists for the city's residents.
<On a remote island in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago>
G’day! First person I’ve seen in a week!
Mate I know you, it’s me, your cousin Davo!
Strike a light, so it is! No getting away from some people ay, Perth'd again!
Still up for beers this Sunday arvo yeah?
Yeah mate
See ya then

Yet another fellow Aussie here in the Siberian wilderness! I'm from Perth mate, yourself?
Same same actually
Ah yeah? Was there only a few days ago actually, partying it up on Scabs beach with some sheila called Emily
Emily's my sister, guess that'd make you that William I've heard so much about?
Perth'd mate, you got it in one
Fucking Perth
by Charlemagne1993 July 29, 2016
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