Time spent with one another while finger twisting each other’s hair so intensely that permanent curls are made. Even jerry himself would be jealous.
The two handed twirlers placed perming time in a whole new perspective
by ScruffMcGruffs November 15, 2021
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When you are in the beginning stages of getting to know someone and you enjoy their company so much that you don’t even care if they perm their hair because their company is better than any perm could ever be.
I really enjoy our perming time together
by Bluemoonriver November 15, 2021
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roastedcement on instagram
roastedcement permed so funny
by burtonsex January 17, 2022
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A perm created by rolling each hair section with extra fine pipe cleaners. Using 3rd degree heat for an exaggerated period of time to set these narrow tunnels in the hair.
“Yo, dawg! Check out that poodle perm on the old bag that drives this old Cadillac and won’t get out that way!”
by BabySisWeeks December 6, 2020
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A permanent wave on a woman where the curls are super tight, resembling a poodle.
The women in the retirement home all have poodle perms and could easily enter the Westminster dog show in the toy division.
by Genwal November 7, 2017
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when a babies hair is sold and straight, before it gets curly. a “natural perm” that doesn’t last too long & then the baby gets its curl
i can’t wait to see what her hair looks like after her placenta perm goes away”
by ginabeena June 10, 2023
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