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That sketched out, paranoid feeling you get from long term use of the Periscope application.

It's onset usually occurs once you become part of a social circle on Periscope and feel comfortable enough to make contact with broadcasters and commenters outside the application via direct messaging (DM) on Twitter, phone, video chat, text messaging etc, where you openly share your thoughts, opinions and personal life with your new found 'friends'.

Once you open up, you will always question whether or not your DMs will be shared, if your calls were recorded and how and when the context of it all will someday be used against you, because it will be.

Those suffering from Peri_Noia cannot just delete the app and move on. They must know what others are saying about them and keep coming back for more. Many sufferers use troll accounts to visit broadcasters rooms they've been blocked from or watch via pscp tv. This only deepens the peri_noia.
I wish I would have known she was a psycho doxer before I told her anything , now the peri_noia is real.

Stay away from Periscope drama or suffer from Peri_Noia.

Peri_noia is setting in now that he's threatening to show DMs.
by May 17, 2018
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