When somthing is so perfect you have no words for it, so you blurt out "That'll Perfect"
The icing whent on your cake so perfectly the judge was speechless and you utter :"That'll perfect"
by Ruthlessvizion February 27, 2017
Full of perfection.
Used when beautiful just isn't enough.
Friend: *posts picture*
Me: *comments* I won't say beautiful, because beautiful means full of beauty, and you are full of way more than that. But sadly, perfectionful is not a word. But, if it was, I would say you are perfectionful. I guess I'll just have to make a new word.
by Shadow Queen August 9, 2015
"when the erection satisfys an interactee. Not necessarily limited to penis"
"I was having a look at what Bob had made, and it was quite simply erection perfection"
by Greedylilshoewhore December 23, 2017
When a woman or a man has a balance of a good ass and legs.
by Deputy Dumpling November 20, 2020
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by Social Scrunchies November 16, 2021
Have you seen Lena Luthor? She is amazing! And the definition of a perfect woman
by Kara’s yellow sun June 14, 2021