A girl that is kind but will usually hold a grudge. A "Perdita" will be one of two extremes Very loud or very quiet. People will always go to a "Perdita" for advice and know she is a friend that will help. A "Perdita" will usually be very smart and good with relationship advice even if she hasnt experienced the problem her self. A "Perdita" will usually be set up with other people by her friends. A "Perdita" will often be nicknamed "Perdi"
Person 1... Perdita i want you to meet this guy you two would go so well together

Person 2 ... Perdita I need help
by guy..who..knows April 13, 2009
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A girl who can be either shy, reserved and nervous, or loud, out there annoying and weird. Is likely to have some health problems. Can be difficult to keep track of. Has quite a high social status in her group of friends. Easy to get along with, but is not great at making new friends. Has strong morals but can be easilly talked into things.
"That Perdita chick is so quiet - does she even talk?"


"Gosh, that Perdita girl is so freaking annoying!! I wish she'd just shut up for a change!!"
by Olivia (Loopy) September 14, 2008
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