The furthest thing from a peoples republic one could possible imagine. Also see the Democratic Republic of Congo
Anything with the Peoples republic in its name, invariably is the opposite. A good example is The Peoples Republic of China
by Maximus C September 6, 2008
pretty much where all products come from

you buy that brand new squire guitar 90% chance it came from china

hasbro toys, china
xbox/ps4 or 5 cases, china
the people's republic of china makes toys.
The People's Republic of China is comprised of its people. The people are the ones upon whom the government relies for power. Without them, the government has no say in the international community. Any action directed toward China is directed towards its people, and the people are the ones who feel its effects.
"The People's Republic of China has been communist since the 1940s" is how it would be used in a sentence.
by A. Ali March 7, 2006