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Conditions/preceding events:
A Male lives at home with his parents
He proceeds to lock himself in his room to watch porn
The porn is turned up to a high decibel
The parents then begin to wonder what the heck is happening in their son's bedroom
While masturbating to the loud porn the male does not hear the initial light tap on his door so he continues to enjoy the pleasures of youporn. The tapping increases to a banging at which point the male is at his vinegar strokes and can't stop to answer the door. The parents have been growing impatient and somehow unlock the door, barging in on the male with his pants down, in a culminating climax (pun intended) in which the shocked male screams and ejaculates on all parties involved. When finished all the ashamed male can think to say is a sheepish, "Surprise?!"
teenager: Man my parents are always making me do shit I don't want to do, I really want to get back at them.

teacher: Yea parents are like that. They only want whats best for you. Have you tried giving them the Pennsylvania Pornographic Surprise lately?
by RedDan69 February 12, 2011
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