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That massive pile of shit that we call a school. All of the kids are complete assholes, and all of the girls are complete sluts and attention whores. Totally there are 5 or 6 tolerable people in the schools. All the sports teams except baseball are the worst and the only thing good about this school is the cookies. HOLLY SHIT THE COOKIES ARE SO FUCKING GOOD.
Hey do you go to pennfield
Sucks too be you
by qeoj bjb February 24, 2012
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Pennfield is the fucking worst, people there only care about themselves. All the girls care about is what they look like and go many dick pics they get, all they want is attention. All the guys try to act like there cool and play girls like there a game. Lunch there is so fucking gross is tastes like ass. In pennfield there's only like 10 people u actually like.
"Are you in pennfield?"

"Yea, y?"
"That sucks for you hoe ."
by Behappylove January 05, 2017
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A small town in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, where everybody knows everybody, and everybody knows you by what you did last night. Most of the citizens of Pennfield talk about each other behind their backs.
Some people are hilbillies, and rednecks, and some are just normal.
You been to Pennfield ?

No man, I blinked when we drove through there
by Pennfield February 08, 2012
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