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pseudo hippie quaker school full of rich white kids in cable knit sweaters who smoke pot and get f-ed up every or go to lots of concerts because they never have any good parties.
That kid si so Penn Charter...he's a total douche bag
by B January 16, 2005
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Penn Charter is a center of higher learning founded in 1689 by William Penn Charter. 40% of the kids recieve financial aid (compared to 16% at ther rival school Germantown Academy.) Thus proving that in fact Penn Charter has a more diverse student body and is less "preppy." Also one might note that if a letter y is added on to the initials of Germantown Academy you could have a word that decribes said school to a tee. GA and PC are both a part of the longest rivalry in high school football. PC leads the series 72-33-11.
That kid is so Penn Charter... hes a well rounded, nice young student.
by Tony Fennerty February 27, 2005
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it's simply a school where a lot of rich kids are yet that isn't WHAT it is. it is a quaker school with few quakers and a diverse community with little diversity. its positive aspects include a killer girl named catherine grigos.
Catherine Grigos makes Penn Charter hip.
by doctor ball February 28, 2005
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Penn Charter Is A School For Queers And There Are A Lot Of Bi's and Gays Here Too. Very Diverse I'd Say. JC Gembala Also Attends This School So You Know It's The Cool Place To Be At. RL Polo And Collar Popping Is All The Rage Here. Tutition Is Also Around 20 G's A Year And It's Well Worth It To Be With JC!
Yo, I Go To This Very Diverse School Called Penn Charter. It's Falling Apart And For My 20 G's A Year, That Goes Towards Paying Off All The Strippers, Hos and Drug Dealas Of Mr. Moulton and Mr. Bell.
by Mike Hunt April 21, 2005
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