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Having promiscuous, unprotected, sex with many sexual partners and either catching an STD or NOT catching an STD
(WIN or LOSE).
I fucked a bunch of bar-fly hooker hoes, bare-back, and did'nt catch nothin'. I won Penis Roulette!

Real Story: It's 1:45 AM. Last Call. I'm ordering my Corona Cerveza. Two feet away from the bar, the bar-fly hooker bitch, says, "Follow me." So...I did. I followed her into the Women's bathroom. Bent her over the toilet. Hit that shit and did'nt catch green dick. Never saw her again. (I won Penis Roulette bitch!!!
by Johan De Silencio March 31, 2008
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When a person wears a blindfold and takes whichever penis come thier way
Mary played penis roulette at the party last night. She landed on black.
by Gypo69 February 12, 2015
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