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A male that get's an unknown std, or a combination of STD's.
That bitch gave me green dick
by RKTrueluck August 07, 2004
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Someone who's from the country, a rural. These people are called "green dick" because they like to sow crops before they get busy.
"Oi, Green Dick, come here you country fucker!"
by PatrickA July 19, 2006
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A title given to a fellow hunter who is quick to jump to conclusions and continuously identifies shrubbery as game, promting the more experienced hunter to refer to the bush as green (making reference to its actual fauna appearance) and dick (making reference to the persons character for making the said mistake.
Jimmy - "Hey Salty look over there pigs!"
Salty - "Green Dick"
by fieldcraft April 11, 2016
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