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A unit of measurement to describe someones level of Douchebaggery. 1 Peitsch is the highest level of Douchebaggery one can ever attain. A Peitsch can further be graduated to lower levels by use of the metric scale. For instance, the biggest Douche you know is at the 1 Peitsch level, while another person you know (a tenth of as much a Douche) could be quantified as being rated on the Douchebag scale as being a decipeitsch.
While eating lunch with friends from work John says-"Man Andrew is a major Douchebag." Brian replies-"Yeah, I would put Andy at about 10 decipeitsch, but compared to Cory he is nothing, that dink is straight up a full Peitsch on the Douchebag scale."
by LosLobo May 06, 2010
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