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Pegswood is a mining village in Northumberland, England, and the site of the former Pegswood colliery. Pegswood is two miles (3 km) east of Morpeth and three miles (5 km) west of Ashington, with a population of around 3260. Pegswood is on a small hill above the valley in which Morpeth is situated, close to the River Wansbeck.

Pegswood has a reputation in northumberland as being a rough village in which all the inhabitants do is work ( mostly manual labour at sanders plant hire) and then go and drink in one of the two clubs ( Clerrbs ), watch and play football and fight.

People of pegswood are known to be very friendly to outsiders, unless you insult the village or people in it. the consequences of this would be the outsider getting beaten up ( pure knacked like ) as pegswooders are commonly referred to as the best fighters and drinkers in england.
Pegswooder 1: How geordie alreet marra

Pegswooder 2: Aye, champion son. hows ye fettle?

Pegswooder 1: aye marra am canny. Fancy a few chilled ones at the clerb with harly and the boys?

Pegswooder 2: aye gan ern then.

Group of 10 outsiders: Pegswoods a shithole full of thick fucks

Pegswooders 1 and 2 continue to knock out the outsiders then go and drink all night.
by Pegswoodman February 16, 2011
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