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Means the pretty one, when talking about a newborn baby. Most newborns look like wrinkled old men, but there is alway a special Peekah in the group.
Did you see all the babies? Yes, but only one Peekah.
by Charlotte Mary February 26, 2017
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A person who is naughty, mischievous, sneaky, and kind of lame.

Usage: This word must never be used maliciously. Even if you're being a sassy puss, the use of this word must come from a place of love in the heart.
1. Guy is eating and says his friend can't have any of his food. Guy leaves food in its place while he momentarily leaves the room. Friend goes to eat some of said food quickly before guy comes back. Guy catches friend eating food. Guy screams, "YOUZ A PEEKAH!"

2. If someone cheats while playing a board or card game (namely Four Card Two Peek), they're a peekah. Big time.
by The Unstoppable Peekahz February 04, 2007
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