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You're a guy. You're with all your friends at a party, just sitting around a table fuckin' chillin' until some hottt ass chick just comes up to you and starts talking to you. Everything's going fuckin' great and you're sure your chances are pretty good, and then, she pops the question. "Can you take me to the restroom? ;)" She's trying to take you in private to hook up, and you get ready to tell her you had a vasectomy so you don't have to wear a condom. You got that swag in your step and the she drops her pants and you're making eye contact with that cunt. You know she's ready, at this point you go in for that kiss cause girls like to do stupid shit like that, but then, suddenly, A RIVER OF PISS JUST STARTS FUCKING FLOWING OUT OF HER. You hear the loud hiss of disappointment as your dreams of fucking go down the drain with her piss. She dips like the complete tease she is knowing damn well she showed you her calico and then left your disappointed ass there with balls as blue as the bathroom tiles. You walk out of the bathroom looking defeated, so your homies hand you some sauerkraut and a coors and then tease the shit out of you because your bitch ass got peeased.
"Shiiii bruh, ma nigga Anders was fa sho he was gon' git pleased, but that po' nigga got his ass peeased!"
Soltuon tease teased PT flirt flirtacious Jesus H. Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior Adolf "Right Idea" Hitler Nigger Nigga Anders
by QueefEater696969 June 22, 2016
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