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Simple as it sounds. You go to pee then end up having to poop.
Had to tell my boss that my bathroom break went over because of peepoop. "WTF?" "I went to pee, up ended up having to sit down & poop." She said she understood & does the same thing all the time. (Really she stands?!? )
by SallyCockidilly April 09, 2017
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1. diarrhea, diarrhea to an extreme level


1. having or had diarrhea to an extreme level

1. Oh man, George, these Pee Poops today are smelly.


1. Get out of my way Geroge, I have the Pee Poops.
by dogpound9219 October 27, 2011
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Caused by use of the Kardashian endorsed Quick Trim line of diet products; a stream of liquid-like feces. It resembles urine much more than diarrhea.
Becca peepooped, like, 8 times today. She was in the airplane bathroom for a full 20 minutes.

Sarah: brb gotta peepoop
by saalow January 18, 2010
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