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1. A guy who looks like someone who picked on you in high school.
2. People who use the term "Bro" and "Dude" excessively
3. The guy who hangs around hot girls but is an asshole
4. A Douche Bag
Why does Bill get all the credit at work when he doesn't do anything? He's such a Pedroia.

This guy just bumped into me and didn't say anything. What a Pedroia.
by Studwalker June 28, 2009
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dustin pedroia is little rat-like bastard who currently plays for the boston red sox. he is the size of a normal man's leg, and looks goofy playing baseball because he has to use his entire body to throw or bat, resulting in visual hilarity.

pedroia also has a habit of performing thousands of annoying facial tics during his at-bats. obviously suffers from Little Man Syndrome.
Fan 1: Holy shit, the Red Sox have a new mascot... it's a little rat in uniform!

Fan 2: No, that's not a rat, it's one of those annoying little yapping dogs that run around your feet and try to act badass.

Fan 3: That little bitch is neither dog nor rat. It's actually Lil' Dustin Pedroia, and fellow-homosexual Josh "Gopher Cheeks Beckett" uses him to douche with.
by SatanIsARedSoxFan October 13, 2007
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