When your uncle hands you a dildo and says to shove it up your grandma's ass
My Uncle did a Pedo Uncle at christmas
by Giga N@GGI 2000 October 26, 2022
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An uncle who touches male members of the family
Oh uncle pedo Dilip, please don't touch my anus while we're drunk
by Get wrecker July 10, 2016
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Offently refered to the weird member of the family who touches up family members
Uncle Ollie Barber don’t be an Uncle pedo, stop touching me!”
by Jake Alexander B January 19, 2018
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one up from ur aunt ase

when this is said, everything in the universe (or in the void, if it is said there) turns into a random object
Sean: ur aunt ase
Bart: say that one more time
Sean: ur aunt ase
Bart: ur uncle pedo
*everything in the universe turns into a staple gun*
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