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A Pebblet is something smaller than a pebble but bigger than a crumb.
Pebblet describes my Pomerian's food because she's old and has litterally two teeth left in her head. lol
by Denise0821 December 03, 2012
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the small ‘drops’ of poo that do not form together into one. pebblets do not usually make a splash as they are too small. pebblets are often hard to pass as they are a result of dehydration.

pebblets share similarities with sheep poo although they are not the same thing.
I just went to the toilet to drop some pebblets
I just did 18 pebblets!
by pebblet-man March 03, 2019
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Pebblets: Small fractions of a large quantity.
Use the small pebblets to freshen the laundry.
The rabbit left behind pebblets (poop).
Spread the pebblets throughout the garden.
by Taylor'd Made December 10, 2018
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