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a)An elite member of a special forces military team known as the PBROOTERS. Their mission, paving the streets of enemy cities with the stickiest chunkiest peanut butter available. Often working with the Marshmallow fluff team to make a stickier situation. The road once being paved by the team in a matter of hours becomes a peanut butter Catastrophe when enemy tanks and people get caught in its peanut hell. Leaving them open for the armed forces to attack.
b) A brand of peanut butter so thick and gooey that when you take a bite your teeth fall out at the roots.
c)A device used to give root canals, wherin peanut butter is shot at high speeds into the root of your mouth.
a) Get the Peanut butter rooters NOW!!!
b)fuck ive been rooted
c)Oh shit i dont want to be rooted
by Angelica Garcia September 14, 2007
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two crackers filled with peanut butter and ground cannabis baked in the oven to render a potent snack; also known as "firecracker"
I was just playing xbox and all of a sudden i was stoned outta my mind. then i remembered i ate a peanut butter rooter an hour ago.
by dillskin March 03, 2011
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