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The urge to "bust an exaggerated move" in the presence of friends. Even if such moves embarrassed the performer. Resulting in uncontrollable fits of laughter for onlookers.
These moves usually "take the piss" out of certain people and/or groups of people. eg. Muzza's. '80s rappers. Ravers. And can be a combination of any of above mentioned people and or groups of people. Also known as a Pazzlode
Often shortened to Pazz, and sometimes miss-spelled as Pazzel.

Founder: Matthew
Origin: Melbourne, Australia.
Circa: 2004 - 2005
Matthew was known to make a grand entrance into any room, by way of melbourne shuffle, running man, or any such muzza move. This has become known as the Pazzle. See also Pazzlode or Pazzload
by David TDK July 16, 2008
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