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A word derived from 'pinging, used primarily by teens to describe present, future or past mood.

In most cases, it's an attempt to brag about being under the influence of alcohol.

Most people view poorly upon the people who use the word, but do not say anything.

Julien: I was Payngin' last night!
Simon: Hell yeah, PAYNGIN'!

Bystander: I wish they wouldn't say that crap, everyone is sick of it.

by Doesnotlikepayngin' February 13, 2009
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Payngin' can be used in many cases.
Versatile word that derives from the word Pinging which means to be high/under the influence of ecstasy.

it can mean:
'getting drunk'
'getting drunk AND party'

pronounced pang-in
"man, that party was payngin"

"wanna payng this weekend bro?"

"whoaa, that guy over there is payngin'!"

"dude, i got paynged this weekend"
by Payngin Julien August 25, 2008
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