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A cleverly devised hybrid of the words "Payne" and "Anal".

Paynal by definition, is any act of penetrative anal insertion to the anus of Payne (Fratpad). This usually results in a lot of squirming and shriek-like girly moans, even when the materials being inserted into the anus are narrow, and small. The act of Paynal is known to both amuse and disgust onlookers, and the noises that are generated from this method of sexual stimulii are often mistaken as the mating call of a very unusually sized man-ape.

The first act of Paynal was carried out by the insertion of an orange butt plug that looked like a teletubby's antennae, named Jasper. The second known occurrence of Paynal involved the anal insertion of a long blue sex toy called "Garfunkle" and caused a lot of bitching and whining even though it was only the tip that was inserted.

Paynal is often only carried out by straight acting men who in spite of seeming physically hetrosexual in virtually every way, do have a severe case of gayface and also get penile erections whilst in baths with other men, or whilst pressing their penises against other men's asscracks.
Creampuff: Why does Payne scream so?

ButtMIN: Because he is commiting Paynal to himself with Jasper...ain't that sweet?
by FratmenEvilOne August 12, 2009
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