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When a person wrongs you and its time for them to get a taste of their own medicine !
Dave-Why you so happy today?

Jim-I got back at my neighbor for letting his dog shit in my yard for years,I took all the dog shit from the winter and put it in a bag put it on his porch lit it on fire rang the bell and watched him stomping it out in his socks getting shit everywhere It was AWESOME!

Dave-Paybacks a bitch!
by troubleddemon March 12, 2010
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The one thing that is said before laying out a haymaker to someones face, or before you take dramatic action, upon doing something to someone brutally or violently to get your point across.
Rick: Alright, that is it! You are pushing me to the limit here!

James: So what ya gonna do about it?
Rick: That's my damn office, ya asshole! Payback's a Bitch! Get over here, and i'll show ya what happens when i get pushed!
(Rick grabs James by the scruff of his neck and wallops him with a right hand haymaker, knocking James to the floor)
by Adam-D September 25, 2018
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