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Paul O. Embry is a sixteen year old cultist who is from Arizona but has moved to Washington to join a cult. He's very short and skinny, with short black hair and huge brown eyes. Many think he's very cute, but don't be fooled. Paul has an awful temper and mood swings. When he gets angry, he makes a Chitty Chitty Chitty noise and it's up to his cult leader to calm him down or else he'll shift into an emaciated wolf with cigarette colored fur. He is very kind otherwise, and is bisexual but makes many friends. He has Paulspeak, a language only his cult friends know.

For more info on Paul, see "Paulspeak", "Jungily Gym" and "Sam's Cult".
Sam: Paul, calm down.
Paul: Chitty chitty chitty.
Archie: Oh no! He's gonna shift!!!

Sam: Paul O. Embry, calm yourself

Paul: Uh, uh, okay Sam BANG *shifts*
Sam: Damn it.

Jorge: Paul, not again.
by Tahsois July 15, 2010
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