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A language invented by Paulo Embry

Here's a sample
Jungily Gym----Jungle Gym
Stick with the prongs-----Forks
Stick with a bowl-----Spoons
Ice Lolly------popsicle
Warm fuzzy-------wolf coat
Chompy chompy------tooth
Sammay-----Sam, Paul's cult leader
Somethin' somethin'-----sex
Oil Cittay-------Oil City, Paul's hometown now
Lee-Lee-------Leah, Paul's only "female" friend
Archay---Archie Click, Paul's halfway-straight friend
Chitty chitty-----shapeshifting
one piece suit------human form
QHRS----where Paul graduated his senoir year of Eighth Grade
Paul: "Now, me and Archay are gonna chitty-chitty into our warm fuzzies in Oil Cittay."
Phil: "You me you and Archie are going to shape shift into wolves in Oil City?"

Paul: "Please pass the stick with the prongs."
Sam: "You mean forks?"
Paul: "No, stick with the prongy-prongies."
Sam: "It's forks."
Paul: "No, it's stick with the prongy-prongies."
Sam: "'s forks."
Paul: "STICK WITH THE------"
Archie: "It's no use when he's using Paulspeak."
by Tahsois July 15, 2010
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