Patton Middle School, located near Unionville High School in PA, the 6th graders are juuling, the teachers feminazis, the 7th graders are all white and think they’re hot shit and the 8th graders are all of these.
“I heard he’s from Patton Middle School, definitely white”
Kaitlin bump sum 21 savage
by LittleTykes April 17, 2019
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Unionvilles baby, the school where cancelling is an every month occurance. Kennett middle schools biggest rival Let’s be real Kennett is just the poor version of patton with a really bad education we have a lot of groups at lunch. First popular girl table , popular boy table and end the end of each of the popular people table there are the people who aren’t popular enough to sit in the front but still try we have the nice friend group the gay friend group . Let’s not forget how they are total rich kids well most of them so that’s patton for ya
Oh you go to Patton Middle School so your rich right
by queen2382 January 7, 2021
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