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Pattee, also known as Pattee Hewes, is a long time running joke amoung colleges. She was the classic "over-achiever"--earned straight A's in all APs, held high position in countless clubs, and received a perfect score on her SAT. She wanted nothing more than to go to Yale, so she was rarely seen without her Yale garb. She even wore her Yale sweatshirt to other college campuses! Pattee resolved not to apply anywhere else but her top choice, since in her mind, she was a shoe-in. To her shock, she was rejected from Yale due to her "lack of personality" and arrogance in only applying to her top choice. Pattee ended up attending her local community college. It is now common to hear on various college tours "We don't want a Pattee Hewes; we want YOU!!"
Don't be a Pattee Hewes; be YOURSELF!!
by patteelover December 03, 2008
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