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A form of racism exhibited by those who think that because a minority has suffered in the past, they are immediately less capable of logic, rationality, character, and success. Someone who is paternally racist thinks that due to these perceived shortcomings, minority members need constant hand-holding and affirmation in order to make it. Paternal racists will often believe they know what's best for minorities and feel very comfortable speaking for entire minority groups. This stems from their inability to acknowledge that minority individuals are just as capable and competent as them. Paternal racism is frequently witnessed in individuals who are over-eager to prove to others how non-racist they are. Paternal racism is superficially well-intentioned, but in reality thrives on categorizing minorities as lesser beings. It perpetuates the damaging stereotype that minorities are less capable and need help for everything.
To black person: "I think it's ridiculous our professor expects you to get A's on the test. Doesn't he know how hard you guys have it?"

Black person: "Smh, paternal racism."
by Geegeege May 26, 2017
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