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A pseudo-liberal who pretends to support progressive causes as long as said causes don't challenge their privilege (economic, gender, orientation, or racial). When challenged, they can be just as intolerant as hard line conservatives.
Person: "Public education is important we need to support it."
Person 2: "But you send your kids to private schools. You're such a passive progressive."
by WTFDude June 18, 2017
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the act of helping out a situation towards the positive; moving people/situations forward in a positive way from the 'sidelines'. Helping out your friends or family without being completely obvious about it.
Shelly really was being passive progressive when she paid extra money towards rent without being asked when I was sick last month with the flu and missed all that work. She's the best!
by constantmusic June 05, 2009
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A person that supports progressive causes and does not condone violence.
"Why aren't you out there beating the shit out of some nazis!"
"I'm a passive progressive and I believe in education over violence. Beating up a nazi isn't going to make them change their mind about their ideology anymore than if a nazi were to beat me up. You consider yourself to be a progressive. Tell me, if a nazi beat you up, would you suddenly stop being progressive?"
by ProgressivePete August 18, 2019
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A far-left liberal who doesn't vote, or only votes in the Presidential Election. Talks a lot, especially on social media, about liberal/progressive causes, but makes minimal effort to actually make real change happen.
Jen is such a passive progressive. She wasted her vote on Jill Stein in the Presidential Election, but never bothered to vote in her local primary elections, where several Green Party candidates were running.
by StillWithHer June 23, 2017
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