A truly amazing person who is very sporty and funny. He will always put a smile on your face and make you have an amazing day.Very good at soccer and can take on anything.He is a great friend and very intelligent! If you ever get to meet a Pascual you are very fortunate.Ive met mine and my life has been so much better.
My besfriend is Pascual because he is so nice and plays soccer with me
by Lilcookie1 June 26, 2018
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is an amazing last name for people with true inner beauty.
the name Pascual is a beautiful name!
by soccer is lifee June 29, 2009
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Complicated but easy to fall in love with his different from everybody else he knows what he wants and he would do ANYTHING for it he stays strong for his queen he recognizes that she’s been hurt and carries pain in her he try’s his best to make her happy and he would never switch up on her he’s been throw difficult times but during the years his over come them and that has made he a better man he’s a person you can depend on and who will allways be there for you but once you hurt him you will never see the same person
Pascual Never quits
by Urban dictionary:):) January 26, 2019
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A perverted guy who is obsessed with muscle and exercise
He is a pascual
by Hehebebb February 19, 2018
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A guy who's a total asshole who fucks his ex just for the fun of it and then leaves them in the dirt.
Girl: Why are you breaking up with me?
Jam Pascual: I already got what I want, bitch.
by disasteralreadymade June 27, 2011
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A very famous celebrity in the Philippines that sometimes looks like a drunk, a cowboy, a stalker etc.

Millions of people adore him because of his so called 'hotness'.
Girl 1: Did you see Piolo Pascual yesterday?
Girl 2: Totally, his new movie with Angel was totally cheesy and corny but loved it anyway and his moustache!
by OrangeJuiceisyummy October 27, 2009
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John Rafael Pascual is a "kupal" loved by everyone. He likes to play with his "yagballs", everybody likes him everybody wants to be friends with him. He likes hanging out with other "kupals" and he plays with their "yagballs" and sometimes their "burats" too.He is always "salsaling" (singing) these are the words that he created beacause he is so very creative. If you have a John Rafael "Kupal" Pascual too then cherish your time with him because maybe he will forever salsal todamax.
"Hey do you Know John Rafael Pascual?"
"No.I dont know that cabrito"
"Heh let me introduce you to him so we can salsal each other and be kupals forever

Author: Daniell
by Nell182 October 28, 2021
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