Seemingly insignificant things that must be done in a particular way (aka mild ocd)

This word was made by YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth
by My cat is very chonkey August 12, 2020
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The act of being neurotic about clean shoes after recess, impeccably clean desks, and matchy everything; being annoyed by the sheer mention of glitter glue.
by Work Wifey May 21, 2015
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Seemingly insignifigant things that must be done in a particular way... aka mild ocd
by Xd Moriah Elizabeth fan December 29, 2020
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This is a word created by Moriah Elizabeth which means something that you are very particular about
One of my particularisms about the way I like colors in a rainbow to be in the correct order
by Izzy J :) December 01, 2020
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A word that geometry teachers like to use...a lot.
I'm thinking that on this particular problem we'll use vertical angles.
by Kyle R May 05, 2005
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phrase derived from author James Howard Kunstler's influential work 'The Geography Of Nowhere' which, like similar tomes with a social conscience (e.g., 'Fast Food Nation', 'Bowling Alone', et al), challenged Americans to reassess the plight of their urban/suburban landscapes, especially since the end of World War Two. What Kunstler found was a terrain blighted by shopping and strip malls, fast food restaurants, twelve lane super highways, shoddily constructed business and residential developments or what he referred to as 'cartoon architecture'.
Bill : say Tom, where are you living these days ?
Tom : oh, out on 197th Mile Rd. in Paradise County, just east of the Rolling Meadows gated community, adjacent to a Chuckie Cheese's and Major Magic's Pizza Revue, in between the 467th and 468th exit and on ramps to the eighteen lane Interstate, right behind the Wonderland strip mall, right next to a nature band-aid consisting of wood chips and one-foot tall shrubs.
Bill : Wow. In other words, nowhere in particular.
Tom : That's right ! Ain't this country great !
by Virgin Suicides June 19, 2017
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