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Blunt force trauma to the anus caused by a massive dump. This Cleveland steamer causes extreme discoloration and often bright colors around the brown eyed monster similar to a parrot. These massive drain stainer's are often accompanied by loud straining or squawking noises much like a parrot.

Parrot Ass can also be caused by extreme sexual spanking also producing bright colors directed mainly on the ass cheeks. Loud parrot like squawks also accompany this ass pounding.
Me watching 2-Girls-One-Cup:"Check out the parrot ass on that chick!"
Me:"Why are you walking funny, and why were you screaming like a bird?"
Roommates Girlfriend:"He just gave me a mean case of parrot ass."
Me:"Sounded painful."
Roommates Girlfriend:"My ass looks like an angry clown!"
by Matt Tomlinson February 15, 2008
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made popular by lil wayne, parrot ass is used to define something that is fly shit, or that cool shit.
man that nigga lil wayne is that parrot ass
by Matt Hood November 04, 2007
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One who talks too much
Tonya has a reputation of being a parrot ass that's why she is avoided by everyone.
by The Franchise1332 March 25, 2016
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