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1.To smash physical and mental barriers repeatedly and with abandonment. Often used in, though not limited to, scenarios that are sexual in nature. Characterized by intimacy and intense stimulation.
Jenny looked so fine bendin' over in the garden. She had these tight black pants clinging to her pretty little ass and this little grey top contrasting with her golden skin. Her ass was so firm and I could almost see her pussy lips kissing through the fabric. Her hips and butt swayed slightly and tantalizingly. She was bent aaallll the way over. The kind of bent over where her smooth legs were perfectly straight at the knees and her top half was bent double so that her pert, tan breasts shook as I spied them throught the gap between her legs. That was easy because she had taken a stance with her feet about twice as far apart as her shoulders were. As I looked, she saw that I was schemin' and slowly unfurled herself until she was upright. She cocked her head so that her pouty, pink lips, smooth, angular cheek bones and graceful, slender neck were exposed to my hungry, brown eyes. Her startlingly blue eyes lingered on the ground as she stood up before flicking onto me. When she looked me in the eyes and was met with a bold and unabashed stare, she telegraphed her desire to me through them. That's when I knew that I was gonna be holding her blond hair firmly in my hand as I PARNSCHED her tender little pussy form behind. Grabbing her hips and thrusting my manhood deep into her as I bit the nape of her beautiful neck and filled her with my seed.
by Charlie Fuller May 23, 2010
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