2 definitions by SuperSixOne

The one thing you look out for when you drive your pregnant wife to the convenience store to pick up some strawberry Pop-Tarts at 2 AM.
Honey, keep your eye out for a nearby parking space, I don't want to park a block away and have our car stolen by some cock-juggling hood rats.
by SuperSixOne May 24, 2015
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Hanging with your deadbeat friends downtown with a bottle cognac in a brown paper bag. Usually accompanied by a Red Bull Energy shared between the group. Most of your friends are wearing grey baggy pants and a shitty, old leather jacket.
Hey man, wanna go spend the afternoon drinking in public? Ed's got a couple of dollars and a pack of cigs. Maybe if we put all our money together we can buy some Jack Daniels.
by SuperSixOne May 24, 2015
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